RetinaMacApps Website Helps Users Find Which Apps Are Retina-Ready

Last month the new MacBook Pro with Retina display was launched, to the excitement of many Apple fans. The only problem is that not all applications can really take advantage of the new Retina display feature yet and apps that aren’t specifically programmed for “Retina” displays actually look blurry on the screen.  It’s hard to keep track of which apps have been updated and are now Retina-ready. Now, thanks to, finding Retina-ready apps is much easier. is a website dedicated to listing Retina-ready Mac apps so users can take full advantage of the Retina MacBook Pro.

While Apple often features apps on the Mac App Store that have been upgraded for the Retina display, it doesn’t have a category specifically for the purpose of listing all Retina apps, and now we don’t need one. RetinaMacApps brings together all the Mac apps that are now Retina-ready.

The only improvement the site needs is a search functionality, as apps can only be sorted by Name, Category, or Most Recently Added. The site also offers a “Weekly Digest” newsletter, which provides a list of the latest Retina-ready apps right to your inbox.

Source: RetinaMacApps via Cult of Mac via The Mac Observer
Image Credit: Cult of Mac

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