Retina graphics ship with Messages for OS X

Apple’s newly released Messages application for OS X, which is still in beta, has tipped its hat in the direction of Retina displays for the Mac. Some sleuthing by Arnold Kim over at MacRumors has revealed that Messages has shipped with 2x multi-part TIFF graphics:

A look at some of the resources from Apple’s new Messages app shows several graphics that come in multi-part TIFFs that include regular and double resolution versions. In fact, if you look at the information embedded within the images, you can see the resources were at one point named in the same “@2x” convention. So, it seems Apple’s Messages App is already building in support for Retina displays on the Mac.

Recent rumors have Apple working on doubling (Retina) the resolution of its MacBooks and Cinema Displays in 2012. We should also take a moment and point out that the increased resolution wouldn’t mean more screen real estate. Instead of making everything “smaller,” Retina displays would actually make things crisper, while still keeping things relatively similar to the screen resolutions that we see now, just like Retina iOS displays versus the non-Retina variety in the iPhone 3 and iPhone 3G. This move would be about making OS X crisper, and not about making it smaller, like a ton of people seem to be suggesting around the web.

Via: MacRumors

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