Reseller says new MacBook Pro coming March 1, 2011. We laugh.

The only people on the planet who know less than Apple store employees about product release days are Apple resellers. I’m not saying that in a spiteful, or mean-spirited way. Every single person I’ve talked to, both inside an Apple Store and outside, all say the same thing—they don’t know anything until it shows up at their door. Apple keeps a really tight lip when it comes to product announcements. I once had a conversation with a former Apple Store manager who told me that he would gets his news from us, and that we knew what was happening before he did. That’s pretty telling, and it’s also why I’m calling bullocks on today’s MacBook Pro rumor.

According to a reseller in Europe, March 1, 2011, is the day we can expect the new MacBook Pros. I laugh in their general direction. Cult of Mac is reporting the rumor, so we thought we should drop our 2 cents into the rumor bucket.

The MacBook Pro may be announced and ship on March 1, 2011, but there’s no way resellers know about it yet. We’ve heard from 4 resellers and all are calling BS on the rumor. So, word to the wise, the next time you hear a rumor from a reseller, think twice before believing it. It’s probably bunk.  Also, think about it logically. It would only be a matter of time before a reseller spills the beans to the media. Apple desperately tries to avoid leaks, so why would they put themselves in the position to have to publicly deny them.  It’s simple—they wouldn’t.

Article Via Cult of Mac
Photo Credit: grinagalleryoz (via iDesk)

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