Refurbished MacBook Airs Starting At Only $679 Hit The Apple Store

Want a really cheap MacBook Air? Apple has you covered. Apple has dropped the prices of their refurbished late-2010 MacBook Airs by up to $120 each. As of now, the lowest priced MacBook Air you can purchase via the Apple Refurbished Store is the late-2010 MacBook Air with a 64GB SSD, 2GB of RAM and an 11-inch screen. This laptop will run you only $679. And while this computer may not seem too powerful, it’s a great little machine for anyone who uses their Mac strictly for simple schoolwork and to surf the Internet. The late-2010 MacBook Air is also aesthetically identical to that of the current iteration of the MacBook Air.

If you’re interested in picking up a refurbished MacBook Air, make sure to act quickly as these laptops usually sell out pretty quickly. If you’re unaware, Apple’s refurbished offerings come with a standard 1-year AppleCare warranty as well as a free upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion via the Up-To-Date program. All of Apple’s refurbished products feature a brand new external shell and battery so you’re sure to have a “like new” experience for a fraction of the price of a new Mac.

Source: Apple Refurbished Store
Image Credit: Jared Erondu

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