Plan On Waiting 48 Hours If You Purchase Photoshop Through Creative Cloud

We’re skittish when it comes to “leasing” software from major companies. But, when a company like Adobe comes along and announces that they’re going to be allowing customers to purchase a subscription plan for their popular applications, you would think that they’d have the process on lockdown before going public and allowing customers to purchase a new Creative Cloud plan.

Yeah, not so fast.

Pat Dryburgh found out the hard way that Adobe could use some help with processing their payments when he purchased Adobe’s $19.99/month Creative Cloud plan for Photoshop:

I’m no expert at payment processing, but I’ve bought a thing or two on the Internet. Some of these things have been software applications, and some of those have been from indie development shops run by a single developer. Each of these experiences has been flawless, allowing me to use the software within minutes, if not less … And yet Adobe, a massive company with thousands of employees, can’t process an order sooner than 24 hours? … I pressed the support agent to get my order processed sooner. Without the serial number, I couldn’t work. The agent informed me he had escalated my request, and I should expect a response within “24–48 hours.”

Man, we know Adobe has taken their fair share of beatings over the last couple of years (like Flash), but how can the company even begin to convince professionals to purchase a Creative Cloud plan when they can’t be arsed to process customers’ payments in a timely fashion? We put the money on the table to actually pay for a service the moment we need it, and Adobe decides that it needs a 48 hour waiting period before they can actually hand over the product you’re trying to pay for?

Adobe, it’s 2012. Fix your shit.

You can read the rest of Pat Dryburgh’s experience over on his personal blog. We recommend reading it, in full, and then going out and purchasing an app like Pixelmator or Acorn if it meets your needs. At least those apps will show up immediately after you put down your cash on a purchase.

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