Pixelmator Updated To Play Nice In The Sandbox

NewImageLast year, Apple decided that going forward applications in the Mac App Store would need to be sandboxed. Much bellyaching happened from developers, so the due date of sandboxed apps was moved forward a few months. Turns out, that extension is almost up as June 1st draws closer.To comply with the increased security measures, Pixelmator, the beloved consumer image editor, has been updated to version 2.0.4. It now complies with the sandboxing regulation on OS X Lion. Good to see that the Pixelmator team isn’t waiting until the last minute to get their app updated.What does this mean for you, though? It shouldn’t really impact your everyday interactions. The point of sandboxing is to keep applications away from everything else on your computer so that a rogue exploit can’t really do much damage. If implemented properly, you shouldn’t notice much of a difference at all, and you’ll benefit silently from more secure applications. Developers on the other hand mostly complain because it requires a non-trivial amount of work to implement in many situations. Some apps can’t even work properly with sandboxing, but those are a minority that probably wouldn’t be on the App Store anyway.Sandboxing is coming, so get ready for a torrent of App Store updates. Image Source: Andrew Malone


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