Pixelmator Lets Us Peep New Feature Destined For Version 2.2

Pixelmator has published a quick blog post showing off its new “Convert Text To Shape” feature that’s destined for version 2.2 of the popular photo editing application. A free update, we should probably add.

The feature, in the words of Pixelmator, will let you quickly convert text into shapes, then “you can then do all kinds of cool stuff that is simply beyond text formatting. You can easily apply gradients, shadows, strokes, or even, if you want to, reshape individual letters.”

Honestly, I don’t even use Photoshop anymore. There’s a lot of you who probably groaned after reading that, but if you do minor photo edits, or quick graphics there’s no point in waiting a decade for Adobe’s photo editor to open. Version 2.2 is going to bring a lot of really cool things that I’m pumped to see. The company is innovating in a way that Adobe hasn’t done in a decade. It’s that simple.

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