Ping: Getting The Boot With Apple’s Next Major iTunes Update

Ping, Apple’s attempt at its own social media-based music network, is finally getting left behind. Instead, Apple has decided it will rely on other social media network companies like Facebook and Twitter.

Ping was released in 2010 when iTunes 10 was unveiled by Steve Jobs and is still available in iTunes 10.6.3. It allows users to post songs and albums to a feed that others could subscribe to, which could then be seen from their own iTunes on the desktop and on iOS devices.

Since its inception, it has not reached the level of success that Apple had hoped for. As a result, it will disappear from iTunes after the software’s next major update, likely sometime this fall.

At the D10 conference in May, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at the possibility of dropping Ping. Cook said, “We tried Ping, and I think the customer voted and said ‘This isn’t something that I want to put a lot of energy into.'” With the system-wide Facebook integration on iOS 6, which was announced at Monday’s WWDC, this is definitely becoming a reality.

R.I.P Ping. We barely knew ya.

Source: CNET via AllThingsD via modmyi
Image Credit:Neowin

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