Parallels Desktop 7 For Mac On Sale

If you’ve wanted to run Windows or Linux on your Mac without having to reboot into Bootcamp, Parallels Desktop might be the app for you. Parallels Desktop is a type of desktop virtualization software that allows you to have multiple operating systems running at the same time. This type of software is good for anyone who is either curious about another OS or (most often) needs to use a Windows app while using a Mac as their primary machine.

While Parallels Desktop 7 is an awesome app for OS X, it’s usually pretty expensive. Coming in at just under $80, some users will definitely be turned off by the price. However, if you’d like to check out Parallels at a discounted price, now’s your chance. For the next few days, Parallels Desktop 7 will be on sale at a discounted price on Parallels’ website. Make sure to act quickly as the price rises by 5 percent every two hours. At the time of publishing, Parallells 7 can be purchased for $36. Once you’ve purchased your copy of Parallels Desktop 7, make sure to enter their new iPad giveaway.

Source: Lifehacker
Image Credit: scriptingnews

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