Next Version Of Chrome Will Support Retina MacBook

Even though it’s going to take awhile, it seems like everyone is trying to make their Mac apps Retina display compatible. From Adobe to AutoDesk, the race is on and it looks as if Google is going to beat them all to the punch. Version 21 of Google Chrome is set to be released within the coming weeks. Google has confirmed that this version of Chrome will be compatible with the Retina display MacBook Pro’s 2880×1800 Retina display. When updated, Google Chrome’s user interface and text rendering will take advantage of the Retina display while images and other content on the web will need to be updated by its creator.

Nico Weber, Google’s ‘Chief Apple Polisher’, has stated that Google is “committed to polishing Chrome until it shines (on the new MacBook Pro)”.  Retina display compatibility has also been confirmed by a beta release of Google Chrome, which goes under the codename ‘Canary’. If you would like to test this beta version of Chrome, it is available to the general public. Remember, if you decide to test this beta software for yourself, you may be prone to security holes and general unsuitability.

If you own a new MacBook Pro and decided to give the latest release of Google Chrome Canary a try, what do you think? Let us know by commenting on this post!

Source: Electronista
Image Credit: stshank

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