New iMacs May Not Ship Until 2013

After Tim Cook noted possible supply shortages for the 2012 iMac during Apple’s last earnings call, some Apple fans have feared that the new iMac may not ship until next year. Reports by the French Apple blog, MacBidouille, may have confirmed these fears by saying that, due to a new welding process, the ultra-slim desktops may not be available until early 2013. The folks as Mactrast have converted MacBidouille‘s statement on the shipping delays to English. We’ve embedded it below:

We’ve just learnt from a commercial source that Apple has apparently delayed the release of the new iMacs announced three weeks ago. While the release of the 21 inch model was planned for November and the 27 inch for December, it’s now possible that both models will miss out on the New Year celebrations. While no reason has been specified, Apple seems to be having even more problems than anticipated because of the new fabrication process, friction stir welding.

If the new iMacs are delayed into next year, Apple may see a decline in the amount of Macs sold this holiday season as the 21.5-inch iMac was set to be released on November 27th while the 27-inch model was supposed to hit the market next month. As of now, these delays are still unofficial and MacBidouille hasn’t released their source, so this delay could be total BS for all we know. However, I personally believe this rumor as Tim Cook has already admitted that delays are possible.

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