New Growl SDK Features Notification Center Support

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Earlier this week, we discussed MountainGrowl — a Growl plug-in that sends all notifications to Apple’s Notification Center. Well, it looks like the folks behind Growl are getting their butts in gear. They have officially released Growl SDK 2.0, which allows developers to integrate their Growl notifications with Apple’s system.

Chris Forsythe, Growl:

Attention all Developers! We’re happy to announce that the Growl 2.0 SDK has just been released. The major change to this version of the SDK is that it introduces support for Notification Center. There are also improvements to the Mist [positioning] system, and there are various bugfixes.

This is great news for everyone. Devs who still want to use Growl SDK and users who want to choose how their notifications work are in luck. With Notification Center integration, we really do get the best of both worlds. Let’s just hope Aapple doesn’t try to pull anything strange here by limiting how this works. The last thing we need is Growl apps stuck in a notification ghetto.

For me, MarsEdit, Handbrake, and Amadeus Pro are still must-have notifications, and they are all using Growl. What apps are you still using on a day to day basis that function using the Growl SDK? Do you wish that they would switch to pure Notification Center, or will this compromise the way for ward for you? Sound off in the comment section. We continue to hope that Growl stays around for a long while.

Source: Growl

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