Microsoft Windows Phone Connector goes gold

I know this software will only be needed for less than 10 percent of the Mac owning universe, but Microsoft has released their Windows Phone 7 connector for Mac. The software allows those Windows Phone 7 users who also own Macs to sync their music, photos, and applications to their Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft has been beta testing this software for a while now, but it is finally available in a 1.0 release for everybody.

The application is only 2.6 MB in size and it’s available in the Mac App Store for everybody running OS X 10.6 or later to download.

The application can also sync with the Zune HD.

Despite this app, it will still be rather difficult for me to use my Zune with my Mac. My Zune is typically connected via my PC where I use Zune Pass, but Zune Pass downloads cannot be synced on Macs.

For those of you who can use the software, go and grab it now.

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