Microsoft Ups Office For Mac Prices, Pushes Office 365

Microsoft Raises Office For Mac Prices

Microsoft has just raised the price of Office 2011 for Mac in order to push Office 365 on Mac users. Office 2011 for Mac now costs $140 for the ‘Home & Student’ edition while ‘Home & Office’ will run you a not-so-nice $220. These prices compare to the previous price points of $120 and $200, respectively. This equals out to 17% and 10% price hikes.

With these changes, Microsoft has also discontinued multi-user Office for Mac bundles. This is a big disappointment for small businesses and multiple Mac owners who will have to purchase separate Office licenses for each of their Macs if they choose to not subscribe to Office 365.

Microsoft raised the price of Office for Mac in order to push Office 365. Currently, a year of Office 365 costs $99.99 while college students can get a discounted four-year plan for $79.99. Office 365 is a Microsoft Office subscription plan. Standard subscriptions include five Office licenses for Macs, PCs and Windows tablets. Other perks include additional SkyDrive storage and 60 minutes of Skype credit per month. Student accounts are limited to two computers.

iWork pricing is looking really attractive right now.

Tip: Amazon has not adjusted Office for Mac pricing yet, so if you want a copy, act quickly!

Image Credit: Collin Anderson

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