Microsoft: No Plans To Fix Retina Support Issues In Office for Mac 2011 Right Now

Microsoft announced in July that Office for Mac 2011 was ready for Mountain Lion. Since then there have been a lot of complaints from Mac users that Office for Mac is unusable on the MacBook Pro with Retina display and that it does not have the high image quality that was expected by many. In response to these complaints, Microsoft revealed no immediate plans to fix the problems at the time.

Mac users took to the Office for Mac blog and described Office for Mac 2011 as “very fuzzy,” “crap,” “blurry” and “absolutely dreadful” when it’s viewed on the Retina sisplay MacBook Pro. On the same forum, Microsoft’s statement says:

Outlook for Mac 2011 already supports Retina Display and the remaining apps will have the same viewing quality as on any non-Retina device. Unfortunately at this time, we cannot comment on any future updates regarding supporting Retina on Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Hope that helps!

When the update was first released, Microsoft described its Office for Mac 2011 as “Ready for Mountain Lion!” Maybe instead it should have said, “Not quite ready for Retina Mountain Lion!”

Source: Office for Mac blog via Macworld via 9to5Mac
Image Credit: Mashable Tech

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