Microsoft attempts to compete with iCloud with SkyDrive on OS X


Apple is doubling down on making iCloud the conceptual core of the next decade at Apple by tightly integrating it into Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Without a doubt, iCloud’s model has been a much bigger success than Apple’s previous attempts at cloud-hosting. Instead of making money directly from iCloud, Apple has decided that iCloud will help them sell more insanely profitable devices. Well, it looks like Microsoft wants a piece of that fat cash.

Brazilian blog Gemind is reporting that after poking around Microsoft’s SkyDrive site, text referring to a Mac client was found. Unless you’re a Microsoft diehard, you probably don’t know that they already have an iPhone app for their service. A Mac client isn’t too far of a stretch.


The biggest problem with this situation is the same thing that lead Internet Explorer to be the dominant force it once was. iCloud is built into your iOS devices and Macs. Unless you’re heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, you probably don’t even know much about SKyDrive other than it is a drive in the sky. iCloud offers a level of integration that SkyDrive just can’t match on iOS and OS X. It might be a great solution for Windows Phone users (all seven of you) and Windows users, but it doesn’t offer much to the rest of us that other services don’t already do better.

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