MacPaw releases Gemini, a duplicate file finder and cleaner

MacPaw has officially released its secret Gemini application on the Mac App Store today. While we originally thought it could be a Twitter application for the Mac, it’s actually a snazzy way to find duplicate files on your Mac.

Gemini app demo from macpaw on Vimeo.

All you have to do is drag a folder to the application, and it will immediately search that folder for duplicates. There are a couple of neat features in this application that have the potential to set it apart from others of its ilk. First, Gemini will actually look for your biggest duplicate files first. That means that if you need to quickly clear up a bit of space on your Mac, you can run Gemini and even if you have to pull the plug right away, it should clear up a nice chunk of space for you. Gemini also includes an Auto Select feature that takes you right out of the process of clearing out your duplicates. No longer do you have to go through the list of duplicates and select the ones you want to get rid of. Instead, Gemini will analyze all of your files and match duplicates based on a number of parameters such as name, location, extension, and date of creation. The original file is then identified and duplicates deleted. Importantly, the whole process is supposed to be lightning fast, with an easy-to-use and easy-to-look-at user interface.

Gemini will work with a variety of file types, including videos, music, images, and documents. It can also identify duplicate folders. And no system files will be touched, so you don’t have to worry about Gemini messing up your computer.

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