MacBook Air sales strong

When Apple refreshed the MacBook Air line in the fall, the company addressed many of the complaints most users had about the original version, including performance and heat issues, a lack of ports and a lack of options for screen sizes.

It seems that consumers have responded well to these changes.

According to analyst Mark Moskowitz with J.P. Morgan, 420,000 MacBook Air units were shipped in the fourth quarter of 2010, which represented growth of 333 percent year over year, and 326.8 percent quarter over quarter. Here’s a quote from his note:

We believe that the growth rate of the MacBook Air stands to moderate, but we expect the product to exhibit increasing contribution to the overall Mac business. (The fourth quarter of calendar 2010) was the first quarter in which the MacBook Air accounted for greater than 10% of total Apple Mac units. More importantly, the MacBook Air accounted for 15% of total notebook sales during the quarter, versus 5% in the prior year.

That’s substantial.  With Apple’s quarterly call around the corner, we’ll know for sure just how much the Air has added to the company’s bottom line. And with a MacBook Air refresh more than likely in the works before too long, I expect those numbers to only improve.

Article Via Apple Insider

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