Macbook Air to get a leaner, meaner CPU this summer

Intel’s Sandy Bridge CPU is all the rage these days. The chipset is rumoured to already be part of a new MacBook Pro that people are expecting to be released any day now. If you’ve been out looking for a MacBook Pro, you’ll know that it’s virtually impossible to get your hands on any model, with the exception of the 13 inch edition. New laptops are coming any day now.

According to rumors today, the MacBook Air is also expected to see some “Sandy Bridge” love this summer. The current chipset in the MacBook Air is a Core 2 Duo, which is already a couple of generations behind Sandy Bridge. CNET is saying that the MacBook Air is due for an update to the Sandy Bridge chipset, and they expect that it will happen some time in June.

I’ve spent a little bit of time with the latest MacBook Air, but haven’t done anything in-depth with it. In my opinion the system performs admirably with the current CPU, but a new Sandy Bridge chipset would only make the device better.

Faster is always better, especially if the speed bump doesn’t affect price.

Article Via CNET
Image Credit:songallery

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