MacBook Air accounts for 28 percent of Apple laptop shipments, experts attribute “frikkin’ sweetness” as cause

The MacBook Air? Apparently we love this thing, as it accounts for a healthy 28 percent of Apple’s notebook shipments. Pretty impressive when you consider that earlier this year it was a mere 8 percent.

Morgan Stanley, a company that apparently sits around counting awesome thing notebooks, says that the aluminum beauty accounts for over a quarter of Apple notebook sales. The unit is quite a gem in this blogger-who-calls-himself-a-reporter-for-some-reason’s opinion; super thin design, SSD storage, instant-on and Thunderbolt connectivity.

On the other hand, with the white MacBook having been discontinued, and only two models of notebook now being available, it makes me wonder what the sales of the MacBook Pro look like. Never the less, a jump from 8 percent to 28 percent is substantial and indicates that growth is likely to keep happening. Here’s a bit from AppleInsider about it:

NPD’s figures also indicate 11 percent year over year growth in overall PC shipments in October, although retail growth was just 3 percent. Commercial shipments were up 27 percent. Apple experienced 20 percent growth in PC shipments, nearly double the industry at large, while its retail shipments grew by 18 percent, six times the overall retail growth of PC makers. Among commercial shipments tracked by NPD, Apple grew by 34 percent year over year. Apple’s share of PC unit shipments for the month was 17.3 percent, with a 23.9 percent share of retail sales and a 5.7 percent share of commercial shipments.

Rumors abound that the MacBook Air may be renamed just “MacBook”, now that the previous MacBook has been discontinued and the entire Apple consumer laptop space is occupied by the Air. More rumors suggest that the MacBook Pro will also be redesigned without an optical drive to mirror the ultra-thin design of the MacBook Air. Other rumors also suggest that monkeys may fly out my butt, so you never know.

Source: AppleInsider

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