Mac Sales Up 31% In January 2013

Gene Munster, a well known analyst at Piper Jaffray, has predicted that Apple’s Mac sales have been on the rise over the last month. After looking over some NPD sales figures, he has predicted that sales of Mac desktops have risen by 31% during the month of January 2013 when compared to the month of January 2012.

It’s surprising to see such high numbers considering Apple’s new iMac is still experiencing shipping delays of over two weeks in some parts of the world. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, noted that Apple still may not be able to meet 2012 iMac demand during Q2 2013. Despite this, Munster said that Apple has seen an increase in the number of iMac shipments since the end of 2012. This likely helped Apple’s desktop shipments grow during the month of January.

On a related note, Munster has also said that Apple’s iPod sales grew in January as well. Apple experienced a 2% growth of iPod sales in January 2013 when compared to January 2012.

I guess the Mac and iPodĀ aren’t dead after all.

Image Credit: T J M

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