Looks Like Twitter Hasn’t Given Up On Tweetdeck After All, Gives It Some Love… Barely

Honestly, any time Twitter takes a stab at updating one of its core apps, we pretty much shudder every time we boot up the new app to check out what’s new. The regular ‘ole Twitter application is pretty much a laughing stock, and we’re certain Tweetdeck is on its way there too at this point. Twitter has just rolled out a pretty “large” update to Tweetdeck, and we’re pretty surprised to report that it doesn’t actually suck. Well, suck any more than it already does… Honestly, if you haven’t picked up Tweetbot for the Mac yet, it’s pretty much Tweetdeck but, you know, awesome. Oh yeah, don’t complain about the price either, geesh.

Anyway, if you’re big on the ‘deck then here’s a list of updates you can expect when you hit the update button:

There are over 90 fixes + updates from the previous version. Highlights include:

  • Performance upgrade for displaying multiple high-velocity columns
  • Embed this Tweet right from the Tweet itself, for use in blogs and webpages
  • Introduction of a new search box with Typeahead and People Search
  • Ability to reduce the app window to 2 columns

Yeah, the update notes read kinda like a security update note from Apple. What can we say? The 90 plus fixes don’t sound so huge now after all, does it?

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