Like Zombies? Like Angry Birds? Try Stupid Zombies

When Apple released the Mac App Store, one of the categories that was most intriguing, and could potentially define the future of the Mac, was games. Many wondered which games would appear on the Mac App Store. There are well-known games like Call of Duty 4, Bejeweled, and, of course, Angry Birds. Despite having these well-known games, there are still some other gems that are not as well known, but in some ways, are better. There’s one particular game that falls into this category: Stupid Zombies.

How It Works

Stupid Zombies has some features that are quite similar to Angry Birds. Basically, you’re a single stationary man trying to kill all of the zombies in the area. There are currently two chapters in the game. The first chapter has four stages and the second chapter has another two. In each stage there are 60 levels, which means 360 levels of zombie killing fun. As you beat each level, the next one is unlocked, so no skipping those levels that you just can’t beat.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the scoring system. You get a given amount of points for each zombie killed, but the number of zombies differs from level to level. In addition, you have a limited number of bullets, typically about five or six, and if you manage to not use all of the bullets after killing all of the zombies, you’re rewarded with 3,000 additional points for each bullet. As a nice added bonus, you also get certain special bullets that will aid in your zombie killing adventures. If you get a certain number of points, you’re rewarded with stars, but the number of points required varies with each level. The more stars you have, the easier it is for you to unlock additional stages. You may have to play the same level a few, or in my case, 15 or more times in order to kill all the zombies and get three stars. Outside of of unlocking more stages, and therefore levels, the score doesn’t mean a whole lot. It just shows how much time you’ve spent, and how much you love achievements.

What’s Macgasmic

The game will provide hours of fun, regardless of of your skill level. The slowly increasing difficulty adds to the satisfaction of completing a level. The graphics are well done and even work on a mid-2007 MacBook, which many games do not. The inclusion of older MacBooks means that more people can find the game and enjoy it.

What’s not

The length of time between updates can be a bit long. It was a couple of months before the update for the second stage of Chapter II arrived. Making matters worse, there is little information available about when and what to expect from future updates.


Stupid Zombies will provide hours of entertainment and frustrated fun. Do keep in mind, it will suck some time away, but, man, is it worth it. If you have mastered Angry Birds, you might want to switch to Stupid Zombies to keep up your accuracy for future Angry Birds expansions.

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