LaCie’s eSATA-Over-Thunderbolt Hub Is Shipping Now


Rejoice! Those of you who have ordered LaCie’s eSATA Hub that runs over Thunderbolt should now be seeing them shipping. Those of you who haven’t ordered your own, well, you’re screwed.

If you want your very own eSATA hub, you’re going to need to drop $199.99 USD. That doesn’t include Apple’s ridiculously priced Thunderbolt cable. Also, they’re out of stock. You can sign up to be notified when you can order them again. You’d think they would have anticipated the influx of Thunderbolt demand, but alas.

I really am quite pleased with the progress Thunderbolt is making. We were all worried that it would end up like FireWire, and it is too early to tell for sure, but things are looking up. Thunderbolt is becoming notable, and I couldn’t be happier. All we need now is more computer manufacturers to take on Thunderbolt. How long until we see Thunderbolt iPhones and iPads?

What do you think? Is this worthwhile while we’re waiting for native Thunderbolt drives to proliferate? Should we all just wait for full speed Thunderbolt enclosures? Sound off by hitting us up on our Twitter account. Our username is @macgasm, and we love to hear from our readers. It makes a big difference when you take a moment to tell us your thoughts.

Source: TUAW/LaCie PR

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