Jurassic Park lumbers onto Mac November 15

Right, night vision goggles at the ready, because Jurassic Park, the latest adventure game from Telltale Games, has been given a release date. Do you really need to be told what Jurassic Park is? Whether you’re familiar with the Michael Crichton novel or the spectacular Spielberg screen adaptation, the popular dinosaur tale touches down on Mac on November 15.

Set on the film’s first island Isla Nublar and during the events of the first film, the episodic series (of which five games are planned) continues the prehistoric story. Remember the frozen embryos lost forever in the mud after Dennis Nedry was munched? Well, it turns out they’ve not been forgotten.

Leading the narrative charge is Nima, a shady smuggler who’s under the direction of a rival corporation that should really know better, and an InGen recovery team that’ll most likely be prime dinosaur chow. Expect all manner of chaos to erupt as players come toe-to-toe with the T-Rex, Velociraptors and other iconic foes.

It’ll set you back $35, but if you pre-order, you’ll be able to see Dinosaurs inherit the earth for 5$ less.

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