Could iTunes 11 Be Released Over The Next Few Days?

Feiyr, a German music distribution service, has apparently been sending out notices to bands that it distributes music for online. This notice tells bands to submit photo galleries of their band members, which will be shown in the iTunes store with the upcoming release of iTunes 11. Feiyr has said that iTunes 11 is set to drop over the next few days. Feiyr’s email includes photo requirements, which state that the photos must be at least 1200 pixels wide. We’ve embedded Feiyr’s email below. Keep in mind that the email is full of broken English.

Before you get too excited about iTunes 11 having a post-Thanksgiving November launch, keep in mind that this email is not directly from Apple, nor does it mention Apple specifically. As of now, Apple is promising a November release date, though the update was originally supposed to be pushed in October. If you’d like to know what iTunes 11 has to offer, you can check it out on Apple’s iTunes Preview page.

Personally, I’m guessing that this email is based off of assumptions. Feiyr is likely basing this email on the “coming in November” statement, which is being reported on Apple’s website, not from direct contact with Apple.

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