Intel unveils Ivy Bridge plans, including “Ultrabook” possibilities


This week, chipmaker Intel unveiled a new class of processors dubbed Ivy Bridge. These chips are being designed for super-light energy consumption and low heat off-put.

While these chips are similar to the company’s CULV platform, which Intel discussed in 2009, Intel believes they will power “Ultrabooks,” which the company sees as taking off, claiming as much as 40% of the notebook market by the end of 2012.

Intel described such machines as “thin, light and beautiful designs that are less than 20mm (0.8 inch) thick, and mainstream price points under US $1,000.”

I’m willing to bet that if these chips do what Intel says they can, we’ll see a lot more super-thin, powerful machines from Apple and others in the future.

Ivy Bridge is expected to ship in the first half of 2012.

Article Via Engadget

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