Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs Finally Released, Finally

Despite the constant setbacks and delays, Intel has finally shipped its Ivy Bridge CPUs. Don’t hold your breath for a brand new MacBook Air though; according to Intel, the intial release of Ivy Bridge chips will focus on 13 different quard-core processor models that are targetted directly at desktop computers. Dual core Ivy Bridge CPUs will not be available until “later this spring.”

The new Ivy Bridge CPUs have new transistor technology built into the chipset that will allow the processors to be more power-efficient, making them ideal for mobile computers like the MacBook Air and even tablets and smartphones, that is, once they actually ship the mobile version of the CPU.

Intel isn’t exactly holding steady with the Ivy Bridge CPUs, however; the company is already looking forward to 2013 and its next generation CPU:

As advanced as Ivy Bridge sounds, the one thing it is not is future-proof. Intel has already begun to discuss its successor, dubbed Haswell. “We are targeting 20 times better battery life on standby – always on, always connected,” Mr Skaugen said about the update, due for release in 2013. “So you can get all your files and emails downloaded onto your PC while it’s in your bag, and still get more than 10 days of standby and all-day battery life.” – The BBC

Many have speculated that a massive Mac Pro refresh was largely based on the release of Intel’s Ivy Bridge CPUs to manufacturers. With today’s official release, we expect to hear quite a bit around the Internet regarding a Mac Pro update. Should that not be the case, it may be time to accept the fact that the Mac Pro will never get another update again, like evah, evan. Ars Technica has already published a report, back in March, that suggested that new Macs with Ivy Bridge CPUs could be released by the end of April.

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