This is what the new iMac looks like inside


Apple released a refreshed version of the iMac just yesterday, and today the guys at published a teardown of the 21.5-inch model. As usual, they posted a bunch of interesting photos and revealed some tidbits about the machine’s inside.

Just like the previous iMac versions, the new one’s display-glass is also magnetically-held. So, all you need to remove it are some suction cups and a screwdriver to remove the few screws holding the LED-backlit widescreen display. It’s the same LED display made by LG that’s been used in the previous generation.

Under the display you’ll find the RAM, the optical drive and the hard drive, all easily removable. An optional SSD can be mounted underneath the optical drive, as there is a small opening for that.

The AMD-made GPU and the Intel CPU are replaceable as well. Sitting on the logic board it only needs a few screws to be removed to loosen those parts. The same is true for the GPU and CPU heat sink.

For the full 12-page tear down and all the photos, visit

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