iMac Shipping Times Start To Slip In Europe, Update Coming Soon?

According to Apple Bitch, the shipping times on the current generation iMac have begun to slip. In some European countries, France in particular, potential iMac buyers are beginning to see 3 to 5 day shipping times instead of the usual “In Stock” shipping status. Other customers have seen shipping delays of up to 10 days when attempting to order a fully loaded 27-inch iMac. As of now, these shipping delays haven’t hit the United States.

The reported 3 to 5 day shipping timeframe directly overlaps with the October 23rd Apple media event where Apple will likely introduce the mythical iPad mini as well as updated iMacs, Mac minis and 13-inch MacBook Pros.

So, what does the new iMac have in store? Surprisingly, we haven’t seen too many rumors as of now. However, CNET has reportedly found pictures of the new iMac’s logic board and have also heard that the powerhouse will feature a much slimmer design than that of the current generation iMac. Other than that, we’ll most likely see updated Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs and the removal of the internal DVD drive.

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