This iMac G4 Was Updated With An Intel CPU, Mountain Lion

DIY expert Jonathan Berg, or “Dremel Junky”, has just turned his 20-inch iMac G4 into an Ivy Bridge beast. Berg has restored many iMac G4s, though his most recent project may be his biggest and best feat yet. He has taken an Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) system and fitted it into the iMac’s shell. He’s even gone so far as to fit the I/O ports into their original position and use an original Apple power cable, though he left the bulky external power adapter behind.

Unfortunately, since the hardware isn’t made by Apple, Berg had to do some additional hacking to port Mountain Lion to his custom iMac. He Hackintoshed the machine using the Unibeast/Multibeast method and got everything up and running smoothly. Of course, if you’re not so keen when it comes to Hackintoshing, you can always make your iMac into a pretty Linux or Windows box.

For those interested in this DIY project, Berg has uploaded a video tutorial on how to do this to your own iMac. However, the project requires a soldering iron and Dremel tool work. If you’re comfortable with these tools and have a few extra bucks, free time, and an iMac G4 lying around, we’d say go for it.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.