Iconic white MacBook could be scheduled to die, or be reborn

The iconic white MacBook may just not be in Apple’s long term plans. The laptop edition is currently severely constrained, and authorized resellers seem to be completely sold out according to Apple Insider. There has been some mentions online, like the one over at Cult of Mac, that Apple could be preparing to discontinue the white MacBook or replace it entirely. The last major update for the MacBook came back in May of 2010, and brought with it a graphics card update, and a new Intel 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

Why do we think that the end may be near for the laptop? Well, to start, the MacBook Air currently sits at the same price point as the MacBook, but is lighter and has a nifty solid-state hard drive. Another major factor that could indicate that the MacBook as we know it could see a serious rework, instead of a coffin, is that when Apple introduced the MacBook Air Steve Jobs heralded it as the “future of notebooks.” Apple could stand to gain by re-introducing the MacBook as a polycarbonate version of the Air, at an even cheaper price-point than previously.

We’re obviously speculating, but outside of professionals in need of the extra space in their devices, not many people want to carry around a heavy and bulky notebook anymore. A lot of people still buy the white MacBook, and quite a few people have purchased it because of its entry level price in the past, but sadly, the MacBook Air now sits at the same level, so something has to change if it’s going to survive. Also, keep in mind that the MacBook did spend some time masquerading as a MacBook Pro with a shiny aluminum body. It didn’t last long, but Apple’s not averse to trying new things with the device.

We have a hard time believing that Apple’s going to kill off one of their most successful products of all time, especially when they could take the opportunity to re-introduce a thinner and sexier edition. But, Apple has been known to kill off products before their time, just ask the CD-ROM and Floppy Disk.

Source: Apple Insider
Via: Cult of Mac

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