iCloud kills off another iApp: iWeb

Screenshot from iWeb.

MacRumors has reportedly received an email from Steve Jobs regarding the demise of another application that is currently supported on MobileMe. The application that has become this casualty: iWeb.

iWeb, for those who may not know, is an application that Apple created to allow the easy creation of websites that can publish to Apple’s MobileMe. Through iWeb, websites could be created simply by dragging and dropping photos, music and widgets.

The email that MacRumors reportedly received is from a user asking if they will be required to “find an alternative website builder and someone to host…” their site. The reported answer is “Yep.”

It should be no surprise that with the MobileMe to iCloud transition iWeb would be killed off. However, it does leave the non-website creators in a bit of a pickle. They will have to both find a new website host as well as redirect their website. This sounds like a killer feature for a web-hosting company to create, the “Transfer your entire MobilMe website to our site” feature.

Article Via MacRumors

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