Holy glowing Apple branded speaker, Batman!

Find yourself needing to get just a little bit more juice out of your iPhone speaker while you’re out and about these days? Have you ever thought about getting a self-powered speaker for your iDevice? How about one that connects to your iPhone, iPad, iPhone, or MacBook through the headphone jack? What about one that has a nice looking Apple logo on it that glows?

If you have, you should check out the iAudio Mini Portable Rechargeable Lithium Battery Speaker (say that 100x fast) while you can. Something tells us that it won’t be around very long once Apple’s legal team gets wind of it. You can currently buy it for $19.95, but again it won’t be around very long.

Buy. Buy. Buy. There are only five left.

You may want to check out that 1-star review. It may not put out much power. At least it looks snazzy, right?

Hat tip to Gagan Moorthy for the find

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