GTA III on the Mac App Store, Vice City & San Andreas to follow

Rockstar has announced a new Grand Theft Auto, but before you take to the streets with wide-eyed celebration, it’s less exciting than you think. Mac fans can now play the iconic GTA III by downloading it directly from Apple’s App Store.

Widely considered as the granddaddy of open-world gaming, GTA III was a monumental title. If you’re one of the few people who still hasn’t played the 2001 game, you can now download it for a fairly hefty price of $14.99.

That’s a substantial price point for a title that’s ten years old, and while it’s certainly still playable today, it’s a pricing decision that’s a bit cheeky, especially considering the amount of money that Rockstar made 2K Games with GTA IV.

Still, it’s good to see iconic games being ported to the Mac App Store. GTA III will be joined by the even better GTA: Vice City on August 25 and the gigantically scaled GTA San Andreas on September 1. Now, go beat some prostitutes with baseball bats.

Via: Spong
Image Credit: TechnoBuffalo

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