In An Attempt To Remain Relevant In A Digital Download World, GameStop Starts Selling Used MacBooks


Selling used electronics is big business. Companies keep popping up online to buy and sell used electronics. What we didn’t expect was GameStop to get into the buying and selling of used MacBooks. I guess it makes sense in their quest to remain relevant in a world of digital downloads and online app stores.

Kotaku is reporting on a photo tip from a GameStop employee who managed to find a couple of used MacBooks in the company’s inventory system:

[quote]An anonymous GameStop employee sent in a picture of the retail chain’s inventory screen that seems to suggest that you might be able to buy Apple’s popular laptops through the video game mega-chain. If the prices on the screen are any indication—and they may just be placeholders—these likely would be refurbished Macbooks, like the iOS devices GameStop sells.[/quote]

Would you buy a refurbished laptop from GameStop? I purchased a new MacBook Pro from Best Buy once. Note the once. Nightmare after nightmare, I vowed to never purchase another machine or product from a Best Buy. I’d be a little skittish walking out of a GameStop with a new used MacBook. Would you?

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