Find your cursor when the pressure’s on with CursorFinder

The Mac App Store has demonstrated that creating a sole-purpose app is the way to success. Rather than packing your software full of features, doing one thing extremely well is a more effective use of development time. Productivity is a huge industry at the moment — we’re inundated with electronic media and communication, and cutting down on needless actions is always welcome.

That’s where CursorFinder comes in. It’s a small application that has two chief aims. The first is to help those that use multi-monitor setups. If you find yourself losing your cursor on a lot of screen real estate, a simple key press helps locate it. You’re also able to center the cursor on your active monitor to continue working

The second, and the more corporate of uses, is when you’re screen casting, presenting or giving a speech. We’ve all fumbled with our computers and lost our trail of thought because we can’t find our cursor. This way you can instantly locate your cursor and continue with your talk, without anyone knowing.

It’s all customizable and it only needs Mac OS X 10.6 or later. Pick it up for $0.99 on the Mac App store.

Via: prMac
Source: CursorFinder

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