eBay trying to break free of the browser with Mac App Store app

Some argue that the future of technology is focused around the browser, while others argue it’s native applications with web based components that will shine. It seems that eBay is betting on the latter, as they have released a brand new Mac OS X app on the Mac App Store. The company has already embraced iOS applications to take advantage of the immense interest in the iPhone and iPad, but this desktop app is the company’s first foray into getting people to interact with eBay in a way other than through the browser on full-fledged computers.

The application only seems to be available in the US Mac App Store (it’s not available in Canada).

The bizarre

eBay is a marketplace where people can both buy and sell online, but for some reason the eBay application doesn’t currently have any way to place items on sale. It’s purchase only, which means users who both buy and sell a lot of items on eBay will have to log into the we site to place items on sale. It’s a strange decision.

If you’re an eBay fiend, and you need to have another way to sleuth your way through bargains, you’re going to want to check out the eBay application on the Mac App Store. It’s pretty nifty, and free.

Source: MacLife

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