Early reports have the new MacBook Air running circles around the 2010 MacBook Pro

When it comes to the MacBook Air, a lot of people seem to think that it just doesn’t have the guts and gumption of the MacBook Pro. Trust us, we hear it a lot in our comments. When someone asks, “What computer should we buy” and we recommend the Air, we get laughed at. “It’s not powerful enough” they say.

Here’s some proof to support our recommendation. According to Electricpig and some Geekbench results, the MacBook Air is running circles around the 2010, 17-inch MacBook Pro. If you had any questions about the power and potential of the MacBook Air, the benchmarks certainly start to tell a different story than most would assume.  Pro may be synonymous with speed, but Air definitely isn’y synonymous with crappy-ass, slow netbook.  Don’t believe us? Check out the benchmarks.

There is an obvious caveat: The MacBook Pro is rumoured to also be getting another little reworking that could put the Pro back on top. But, if you were heading out to purchase a stock Mac today, you may want to spend some extra time thinking about the MacBook Air that was released yesterday. It’s clearly a fine machine, and up for any of the jobs you can throw at it.

Can we stop questioning the Air’s power now?

Source: LaptopMag
Via: ElectricPig
Image Credit: p_a_h

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