Disguise your MacBook Air as the world’s thinnest novel

Touted by its creators as a “vintage case for MacBook Air,” the BookBook for Air basically wraps two leather-bound hardback book covers around your laptop. The vintage look is completed by a stylized zipper enclosure that loosely resemble the pages of your grandfather’s mystery novel collection that you were never allowed to touch.

The BookBook for Air is a thinner version of the standard BookBook, and is yet another example of creative thinking going on over at Twelve South. For those of you who don’t recall, Twelve South had us all drooling a few months ago with the Magic Wand, which allows you to connect the Apple Magic Trackpad and Wireless Keyboard together.

Offered in both 11-inch and 13-inch flavors, the BookBook for Air carries a price tag of $79.99. With such a wide landscape of cases available for the air, I can’t help but find that price a bit high.  However, I will admit carrying a leather-bound book does add a bit of mystery and intrigue to a person.

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