CMD+Space: Launch Alfred 1.2

AlfredCool kids don’t just use Spotlight to search for files or launch apps. QuickSilver was once the launcher (and so much more) of choice on the Mac, but years of neglect have left even the most faithful looking for something else. Other apps have come into this space, and my very favorite is Alfred. Alfred, in its default free state, is a simple and easy application launcher. It works well, and it’s great that you get to try it out to see how you like it. That said, Alfred gets really interesting when you pay for the Power Pack. Once you drop some cash, your Mac is your oyster. Applescripts, QuickSilver-like verbs, clipboard history, and so much more become available for just £15 GBP (Roughly $25 USD).Here’s a rundown of what is new in this substantial update: 1Password integration, large type support, better global hotkeys, clipboard merge, and improved file searching. This is a free update, but most of the improvements really require the Power Pack. If you use Alfred every day anyway, you should probably consider ponying up the cash to support the devs. If you’re interested in all of the nitty-gritty, you can read the full change log here.Are you an Alfred fan? What makes it better than LaunchBar or QuickSilver? Is it the most used app on your Mac? Let us know by hitting us up on Twitter. Our handle is @macgasm, and we love to hear about how you use your favorite apps.


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