Civilization V updated with cross-platform gameplay and DLC

Aspyr has announced some good news for fans of Civilization V: a new patch ( brings cross-platform multiplayer as well as a host of other improvements and fixes. It’s a long, long list of changes, so get comfortable and check out the Gameagent blog if you wanna read about them.

What’s more, Civ V Mac gamers also get a crack at the two latest DLC packs: “The Korea Civilization” and “Wonders of the Ancient World Scenario Pack”. The game is already hella massive as it is, but the extra content makes it downright formidable. In a good way. You do, however, need the fully authorized Steam edition of Civ V to run the DLC stuff. The Civ V: Campaign Edition on the Mac App Store won’t do it (though Aspyr promises that version will see some updates soon).

Civilization V is (as you can probably figure out for yourself) the fourth sequel to Sid Meier’s wildly successful and critically acclaimed Civilization series and can be purchased from Steam or from the Mac App store.


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