“Castle” service shows up in Lion developer builds

According to French site Consomac, a new service named “Castle” has shown up in the latest build of Lion, released late last week.

The text string about upgrading MobileMe to Castle is interesting. Chances are the name is a codename for an un-announced service — probably iCloud. The French site has also uncovered evidence of “Find my Mac,” similar to the “Find my iPhone” service that is free to iOS users.

MobileMe is only three years old, but the brand has suffered due to a rocky launch. Perhaps a re-branding would do Apple’s online service good, especially if “media locker” services are added to it.

However, I’m hoping that customers can retain their current email address. Changing emails is a pain, and Apple seems to know this, as .Mac members can still use their @mac.com email address.

Article Via TUAW

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