Can’t Wait For The New Mac Pro? Build One Out Of Lego!

I was sitting here doing some research for an article when I stumbled across a Makezine article that shows off a custom build hackinstosh housed in a Lego Mac Pro case. I laughed, then cried a little, but figured it was worth passing along the pictures.

Kind of genius taking a well-known product and recreating it in a unique, playful way. This stack of colorful bricks is a real powerhouse. Made out of 2,588 Lego bricks, the Mac Pro was designed in Lego Digital Designer 2.0 for the MacMod Challenge 2008. Inside the LEGO case, there’s a full PC running Mac OS X with a Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz CPU (Apple’s switch to Intel chips in 2006 made it easier to run macOS on non-Apple hardware, sparking a DIY frenzy). And it doesn’t stop there – it also packs a Mac Mini with a Core Duo 1.66GHz processor. Talk about a dual threat! This LEGO Mac Pro is a legit computing machine, doubling up as a playful tribute and a serious tech setup. This is an interesting take on practicality and customization.

In my opinion both LEGO builds and hackintoshes show the fun side of tech: taking something you love and adding your own twist, be it BBQ Grill or a functional DIY computer.

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