Beautiful Indie Game Dear Esther Available On The Cheap

DearNot all games involve jumping, stabbing, and shooting. Hell, some games even bring up the question, “What is a game?” to the minds of its players. That’s something that this glorious indie game called Dear Esther does, and I don’t know what the answer is.Dear Esther isn’t a video game like you’ve seen before. It is entirely focused on a story, and each and every play-through is different. The events, soundtrack, and even the look of the game is randomized, so the Dear Esther you play is different than the Dear Esther your friend played. If you’re intrigued, there has never been a better time to jump on the Dear Esther bandwagon. For only $4.99 USD, you can pick up this piece of artwork for both OS X and Windows on Steam. This takes casual gaming to new heights. This isn’t your dad’s casual game. Tell Pac-Man to take a hike, and give good ol’ Esther a spin.If you want to know more about the fascinating history of Dear Esther, you need to go check out the developer’s website. It’s almost as interesting as the game itself.


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