Barnes And Noble (Finally) Releases A Web Reader

Amazon’s biggest competitor in the eBook game, Barnes and Noble, has finally released a competitor to Amazon’s ‘Cloud Reader’. Cloud Reader allows users to read their purchased books online from any computer or tablet device without installing any extra software or browser plugin. And while Cloud Reader has been available for almost two years, Barnes and Noble’s ‘Nook for Web’ was announced and released today.

‘Nook for Web’ is pretty much the same as Amazon’s Cloud Reader as they offer the same basic features. For instance, Nook for Web allows users to share the books they’re reading with social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Other notable features include the option to change font size, skip to different chapters and the ability to view books in a nice fullscreen view. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to highlight or add notes to books within Nook for Web. This is something I really like about Amazon’s Cloud Reader and is a feature I really can’t live without.

To use Nook for Web, head over to Barnes and Noble’s webpage on a modern web browser and you can begin reading instantly. And if you start reading now, Barnes and Noble will provide you with six free books!

Source: Barnes and Noble via Engadget

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