Asus Announces A Sleek External Blu-ray Writer


If you’re in need of a Blu-ray writer for your Mac, you’re probably going to need an external device. Not many of us are rocking the Mac Pro at this point. Well, if you’re in the market, you should take a gander at what Asus just announced.

Ray Willington, HotHardware:

The company’s new SBW-06C2X-U is a 3D Blu-ray writer, fully supporting BDXL, 6x Blu-ray writes, Blu-ray 3D playback, 2D-to-3D conversions, DVD upscaling to 1080p HD, 5.1 channel Dolby EX and DTS-HD and the ability to even play nice with Mac machines[…] There’s no word on a price just yet, but you can bet there will be some sort of price premium baked in for all of its good looks.

Reading and writing data on Blu-ray discs works perfectly well on OS X. That’s not the problem. The issue is that Apple won’t put in the low-level DRM-related shenanigans that the Blu-ray consortium requires for commercial Blu-ray playback. Of course, there are other options.

I currently have a Buffalo Mediastation hooked up to my iMac, and I couldn’t be happier. I just have to get creative about watching commercial Blu-rays.

Source: HotHardware

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