Apple’s MacBook Pro With Retina Display Earns Gold Ranking From EPEAT

After a lot of back and forth mind changing from Apple, all of Apple’s laptop models are listed on the EPEAT website, including the latest MacBook Pro with Retina display. All MacBook models have been awarded EPEAT’s gold rating with great scores of 21 across the board.

In only a little over a week, Apple pulled all of its products from the EPEAT certification registry and then, following complaints and backlash from customers and environmentalists, decided to return to EPEAT not long after.

When Apple decided to remove products from EPEAT it was assumed that the Retina MacBook Pro wouldn’t have earned a gold ranking because of its glued in batteries and non-serviceable display.

However, the Retina MacBook Pro has earned EPEAT’s gold ranking with top scores, which either suggests that EPEAT has changed its standards for rating products to accommodate the model, or speculations that it wouldn’t have ranked were simply unfounded.

Nothing has been confirmed and either way it’s still unclear whether or not EPEAT altered standards or Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina would have ranked anyway, without EPEAT changing.

Source: The Mac Observer
Image Credit: Technology Blog

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