Apple unveils OS X Lion Server: Mac App Store purchase for $49

In the midst of the hubbub today, Apple unveiled loads of new information on the next version of OS X Server.

Feature wise, there isn’t much new news here. Lion Server will ship with a simplified Server app, Profile Manager (which looks like a combination of Workgroup Manager and the iPhone Configuration Utility), a WebDAV server for iPad users, and updated Mail, iCal and Wiki servers with Push Notifications.

While Apple has previously stated that Server would be available on every computer, in fact, Server will be an additional $49 purchase on the Mac App Store.

Apple also states that “You’ll need Snow Leopard Server v10.6.6 or later to purchase Lion and Lion Server from the Mac App Store.” That’s a little unclear, but I read it as saying that installing Lion Server on a machine without Snow Leopard Server isn’t possible. Hopefully that is not the case, as eventually, Apple will ship Lion-only Macs.

Lion Server will be available in July alongside of the client version of OS X 10.7.

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