Apple To Introduce New Mac Minis Alongside iPad Mini, 13″ MacBook Pro

The Mac mini, Apple’s low end desktop, may be receiving an update alongside the release of the iPad mini and 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. MacMiniColo, a Mac mini server colocation company, tweeted 9to5mac saying that Mac minis have been hard to purchase and this is causing the company to not meet client demands. If you’d like to view MacMiniColo’s full tweet to 9to5mac, we’ve embedded it below:

@9to5mac @markgurman I was told the same thing re: minis. Getting hard to keep up with demand here at @macminicolo . It’s a mini drought.

The Mac mini has been due for an update for quite some time now. It was last updated in the summer of 2011 and, as of now, features last generation CPUs and lacks USB 3 compatibility. The Mac mini’s last major overhaul took place in mid-2010, so we probably won’t see a complete redesign of the Mac mini this time around. However, with this refresh, we should see Ivy Bridge CPUs along with USB 3 compatibility and the inclusion of 4GB of RAM with the baseline Mac mini.

Source: 9to5mac
Image Credit: mikes rite

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